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isn’t like a lot of other Internet Marketing companies. We don’t try and sell you a one-time expensive package for SEO.

We understand that SEO is a journey that is constantly evolving and that’s why we provide comprehensive solutions that can help your website now and for years to come. We provide affordable services for all budgets, so we can work with you to create the ideal website.


We approach SEO in three steps customized for you.

Step 1.

Gathering knowledge.


The first step to a solution is admitting there is a problem. A website audit evaluates your site for various search engine optimization problems such as long or missing page titles and meta descriptions, broken links, amount of content, etc.If you have Google Analytics enabled, then we’ll use it to examine traffic patterns, traffic sources, etc. With all of this information, we determine a course of action and provide you with a detailed report.


With a plan in place, we do extensive research to determine the best keywords for your niche. We take a look at what phrases people use to get to your site and make a list of potential short and long tail keywords that would be best for your site. We can then track your search engine rankings for these keywords and use that as a baseline for our SEO work.


Your competitors are your biggest problem and asset. We identify your biggest competitors for your business niche and compare their SEO with yours. We identify what they do well and areas they lack. We can use this information to tailor your strengths to their weaknesses and to shore up your SEO to combat their strengths.

Step 2.

Implementing strategies.


Each page on your site is indexed by Google and other search engines. The ranking depends on many factors including keyword optimization. We make sure your pages are peppered with various keywords both on the page and on the back end. Our experts understand the keyword to content ratio and using proper headers, etc. to maximize ranking potential. We understand the fluidic nature of SEO and incorporate cutting edge innovations such as keyword theming.


Your content is everything on your page from words to pictures. Google is increasingly using overall content in its rankings, so it’s important to create a site that is user friendly, authoritative and informative. We provide content management services that fit your style and make you be more relevant to search engines. We can create any voice and tone you need for your website and develop copy that creates conversions. It doesn’t matter if it’s category descriptions, product descriptions, about us pages, etc.


If your business depends on customers from a specific region, then we can optimize your pages for that area. We optimize for county, town, region or wherever you need. We also make sure your business listings are correct and shown on the most popular listing services. If you want to expand on these strategies, then Reputation Management does this and much more, including keeping track of reviews of your business from across the web.

Step 3

Review, examine and learn.


Google Analytics and Search Console are powerful tools in analyzing the effectiveness of your site. If you don’t have these enabled, then we set it up and begin tracking everything from traffic sources and locales to desktop versus mobile traffic. These tools are so far reaching that we can find out considerable information from month to month.


When it comes to search engine optimization, communication with the client is important. We provide a detailed report of what we did as required…good or bad. We believe in transparency with our customers. If we see a big change, then we want you to know about it and find out exactly what it means.

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